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When he is thwarted by a rebellious element within the force, the officer takes the matter to the courts. As the two sides go head to head in a courtroom, a bitter court battle ensues. Meanwhile, the young rebel has a daughter. Together, the officer and the child form an unlikely bond. A movie-maker, and a retired brigadier-general, gives his take on the charges and the counter-charges that split the Indian military. Reviews & Comments Recently viewed "Indian Army" By : Dr.Suresh kumar Rao | Wed, Feb 19, 2013 It is really great movie.I love. As a retired Brigadier General (Retd) :1. I must say that the movie was superb. The plot was well woven, the characters well developed and the dialogues well presented in the movie. I like the movie a lot. Comments From reviewers: The term is not used in one of the languages of India. The term 'Indian Army' is used in this movie, which was unusual. I loved the film. For the first time I came across that term "Indian Army" was used in Hindi cinema. There were many scenes in the movie which were heart warming. The movie was full of patriotism. It was a wonderful film. It is superb film. The dialogues are really good and the story was interesting. Its not usual to find it in the movies that have simple dialogue. Its really a good movie. The actors were very good. I really like the movie. I like the scenes which are shown in the movie where he struggled. He was a brave man who fought for the country. I liked the way the movie is written. The way the movie is shown in Hindi is so interesting and the way the movie was filmed is so good. I really enjoyed the way the dialogues are presented. I liked the way the movie was shown. Its really a good movie. There is a lot of patriotism in the movie. Its a magnificent film. It is a memorable film. The dialogue is very good. The story is really interesting. It is a good movie. The dialogues are good. The story



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Free Download Torrent For Aiyaary Movie In Hindi 720p

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