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Our Story

Image by Jem Sahagun

This story begins with a girl who loves to eat.

Three years ago, that girl tasted the joy of homemade bread in a gathering, she started to make her first bread by herself, and she became interested in baking.

Under constant attempts, there are failures and successes. That girl will not be discouraged when she fail. When successful, girls will feel full of satisfaction.

Since then, that girl has become a big fan of baking!

When girl goes to buy baking ingredients in different places, it is not easy to find all baking ingredients she wanted. Also it is too heavy to move those ingredients  to home. She has been thinking it would be lovely if she can buy her favorite products on a website and also enjoy their delivery service.

Today, Bake Me founded by this girl. Bake Me hopes to provide the most convenient platform to all shoppers. We aimed at gather different baking ingredients and tools in this website and sell the products in a reasonable price.

Finally, we hope everyone like Bake Me, and give us a little support! Enjoy.

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